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We are sorry to say that Farm to Flat has shut down. Thank you for letting us serve you this year.

Thank you

Farm to Flat friends!

This is a sentimental moment for us: after much iteration on our operations, our pricing, our farm partnerships, and our collaboration with the Fort Mason Farmers' Market and the California Farmers' Market Association, we have -- grudgingly and as meticulously as possible -- come to the conclusion that we cannot continue to support the service for 2021.

We launched Farm to Flat at the beginning of the pandemic with the goal of providing a helpful service to 3 core constituents in our community: our neighbors in northern San Francisco, the amazing local farms and businesses who serve the market, and our staff.  We're very grateful for the incredible support and participation across those groups, and have had the best of times bringing it together along with some positive energy and country music each week at Fort Mason.

Running a fresh food logistics and delivery service is difficult to do economically at local scale, and we have come to the conclusion that we cannot viably do so without making sacrifices to our authentic relationship with at least one or more of those core 3 constituents -- something we're obviously not willing to do given the founding mission of Farm to Flat.  

As many of you have probably noticed, this is not for lack of trying new variations of our service: we've reconfigured pricing, worked hard to build sustainable partnerships with farms, experimented with various formats in our operations, and hacked together home-built tools at all hours of day and night.  All of this has reinforced our love for what we've built, but reinforced the recognition that it is time to close the operation.

Sunday, 12/20, was our final market.  There may still be a continuation of a curated box service by CFMA in the coming year -- please stay tuned for this possibility.
A huge thanks to all of our customers, farm partners, and team members.  We certainly hope to keep seeing you in some form around the community.

Wishing you healthy holidays and all the best for the New Year,

Laura, Ashley, Alex, Bret and Naseem