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All pickup orders are at the Fort Mason Farmers’ Market. We also deliver to the northern half of the city:

Check if you are in our delivery area by entering your address:

We are sorry to say that Farm to Flat has shut down. Thank you for letting us serve you this year.


Dear Farm to Flat community, we’re pulling together here some of our most frequently asked questions.  If you still have questions after reading the below, please of course always feel free to reach out to us:


Who are you, anyway?

Hi!  Farm to Flat is a collaboration with the California Farmers’ Market Association (CFMA) and its market at Fort Mason to bring you convenient pickup and delivery services for many of the farms and products available at the market.  The service was started by 3 northern SF neighborhood friends.  More info about us at our About page here.

This is awesome, how can I help?

Thank you!  This is a community-based effort, so first and foremost, please help spread the word!  If you enjoy the service, the best way to keep it sustainable is to build a strong community that appreciates farm-fresh food.  Second, send us feedback!  We’re always working to improve the product.  And third, we employ a diverse group of people, pay competitive wages, offer sustainable pricing to farmers, and put a lot of love into each box.  That also means we are effectively a breakeven operation -- if you feel so inclined, please consider leaving a tip to help support staff and the project’s economics!

When do I have to order by?

For Sunday pickup/delivery, please order by:

- 8am Friday if you'd like baked goods, nuts/nut butters, blueberries, or flowers

- Noon Saturday for everything else! 

Pickup and delivery logistics

How much does it cost?

We charge a 20% service fee, and $10-15 delivery fee (depending on your distance from the market). We are doing our absolute best to keep these fees as low as possible, however, for anyone who has picked up from us at the market, you have some sense of how much is involved. When you factor in the time required to set up our tents and shelves, gather 1000 lbs of food spread out across 200 different items from 25 different farms, quality check as much as we can, weigh it out, assemble boxes, double check them, deliver, break it all down, etc., it takes an hour to make each box! And that’s without factoring in the two days of prep it takes for each market. 

Where and when do I pick up my order?

We operate on-site every Sunday, the same day as the Fort Mason Center Farmers’ Market.  At the online checkout, you’ll have the option to select either a pickup time (typically in hourly increments), or a delivery time window.  Please try to arrive either around your delivery time or any time after that (until the market closes at 1:45pm).  We can do our best to accommodate early pickups, however, we cannot guarantee they will be ready prior to your selected time.

Why do I only see certain pickup times?

The mornings of market days are intense!  We are collecting a couple of hundred distinct items and preparing a large number of boxes, and cannot start our work until the farms arrive that same morning.  We offer pickup times starting at 10:30am, however we also need to spread out orders during the market to make sure our staff can handle the volume (and to prevent too many people arriving together at the same time).  One pro tip: we cap the number of orders by pickup time, first come first served, so if you want the greatest choice of pickup slots, order as early in the week as possible!

How will I know when my order will arrive?

First, at the online checkout, you’ll select a delivery time window.  Next, on the day of the market, we will send you a text message with an ETA, your driver’s name, and a link to be able to follow your driver’s progress.

Can I pick up at a different time?

You can pickup any time starting at your chosen pickup time or later (until the market closes at 1:45pm).  Early pickups are very challenging given the rush of the market day, the number of farms we need to collect from, and the number of pickups.  We will do our absolute best to accommodate any needs you may have -- if you do have a special request please leave a note in the comments field during your online checkout, or send us an email to:

Where do you deliver to? (and pricing)

We currently deliver anywhere in San Francisco north of Golden Gate Park and Market Street, and the delivery fee is $15-20 depending on your distance from Fort Mason.  We are doing our best to expand our delivery range -- to stay tuned on any expansions, please sign up for our mailing list (see bottom of this page)!

Item availability and pricing

What farms and businesses do you work with?

We currently offer the majority of products available at the market, and continuously update with new farms and products.  Please see our About page here for more info about participating farms.


Can I select items from a specific farm?

We are trying to find ways to support this, however this is not yet feasible.  We prioritise finding the best possible products at the farm, and are trying to optimize around ensuring quality.  Given that each farm’s availability and quality varies greatly week to week, as well as the logistical challenge of keeping the same products from different farms separated, we are not yet offering this.  However, if you have very specific requests that are important to you, please do feel to send us an email:


I really want something from the market which you don’t have on your site, what do I do?

When you place your order, leave a note in the comments section and we will do our best to track down what you are looking for.  Also, you can send us an email to if you want to leave feedback for us to consider!


How do I know whether items are organic or not?

Each category of items has a little “leaf” icon signifying that that item is sourced from an organic producer.  We are working to expand this, as well as to offer more options on what to do if the preferred organic variety is not available -- stay tuned!


Quality and safety

How do you choose which farms to source from?

We prioritize working with farms that can reliably source products of exceptional quality, offer the widest range of products possible, and where possible the availability of organic products.  We are already working with more than 25 farms and businesses at the market.  For farms that are known for certain products, we will endeavor to source those there.  For other product categories where the availability and quality varies week to week, we will often make weekly adjustments in consultation with our partner farms to try to ensure the highest possible quality for you.  In any given week, there are likely 10-20 farm adjustments based on quality and availability.


How do you ensure quality?

Ahead of market day, we establish order sizes and expectations with farms (one reason why we cut off orders at 12pm the day before the market), and work with them to understand what is available at high quality.  Then, on market day, we spend literally >90 minutes with 6+ staff members collecting, counting, and checking products across from farms, and make multiple adjustments in the moment to try and ensure the highest possible quality.  We also work to store produce in special containers (leafy greens in dedicated tubs to maintain moisture, and have coolers for cold storage items where necessary).  Finally, we have a 2-step box assembly process which always includes a 2nd check of your order for accuracy and quality.  Despite our best efforts, things can slip through, and everyone has different preferences on how they like to receive their produce -- please do not hesitate to reach out to us ( with ANY issues or questions at all, we will be happy to refund anything that was not exceptional.


Something was missing or wrong in my order, what do I do?

We are sorry to hear this!  We have instituted a 2-step box assembly process to minimize any errors as much as possible.  If there was a mistake in your order, PLEASE tell us about it and we will of course refund you where necessary, and do anything possible to make it up to you:


My order was not completely amazing, what do I do?

Same as above -- we are sorry to hear this, please tell us about it and we will do anything possible to make it up to you:


What if I want to change my order?

Please send us an email to and we will work with you to adjust the order.  We unfortunately cannot handle changes after 12pm on Saturday since we finalize our orders with farms at that time.