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All pickup orders are at the Fort Mason Farmers’ Market. We also deliver to the northern half of the city:

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We are sorry to say that Farm to Flat has shut down. Thank you for letting us serve you this year.

About Us

Dear neighbor!  

Welcome to “Farm to Flat”.  We are grateful to be working with you, and for your support of the Fort Mason Center Farmers’ Market and the local Northern California farms that supply it.  

The idea for this service was born from the realization that it could bring together a few elements we really care about.  First, supporting independent local farms and businesses, ones that have a story to tell.  Second, developing a service that is personal and local to our neighborhood.  And third, extending the reach of our local Fort Mason Center Farmers’ Market, which for years has served as an energizing Sunday gathering place connecting our community with local farms and businesses.

In addition, we think this service can be especially helpful now, when the public health and economic impacts of COVID-19 have changed the way communities can come together.  While grocery stores struggle with food supply, there is an abundance of food available through our local farmers, and Farm to Flat is working to get it to you safely and efficiently, and hopefully inject some fun energy along the way as well.

We are just beginning this effort, and it is very much a “neighborhood” project, so please check back often as we continue to bring more items and better capabilities to this service.

We’d like to thank our partners in this effort, in particular the team and organization behind the Fort Mason Center Farmers’ Market and our participating farms and businesses:

  • The California Farmers’ Markets Association (CFMA), a non-profit that hosts several Bay Area farmers’ markets, including our local market at Fort Mason, which has been our core partner in getting this effort underway.  You can learn more about them here.
  • The participating farms (this list will grow as we roll out our capabilities -- there are more than 30 businesses at the market which we would eventually like to have represented here).  Our initial partners for your orders include:
    • Produce from Rodriguez Farms, from Castroville, CA, more info here
    • Produce from Swank Farms, from Hollister, CA, more info here
    • Produce from Ledesma Family Farms, from Hollister, CA, more info here
    • Produce from Avila Farms, from Hollister, CA, more info here
    • Avocados and squash from Country Rhodes Family Farm, from Visalia, CA, more info here
    • Stone fruit from Resendiz Family Fruit Barn, from Hughson, CA, more info here
    • Blueberries from Triple Delight Blueberries, from Caruthers, CA, more info here
    • Apples from Rainbow Orchards, from Camino, CA, more info here
    • Fruits and gourmet products from Sunblest Orchards, from Patterson, CA, more info here
    • Organic mushrooms from E&H Farms, from Oakdale, CA, more info here
    • Gluten free baked goods from Soturi Kitchen, from San Jose, CA, more info here
    • Baked goods from The Midwife and the Baker, from Mountain View, CA, more info here
    • Hummus from Hummus Heaven, from San Leandro, CA, more info here
    • Flowers from JSM Organics, from Royal Oaks / Aromas, CA, more info here

    • Citrus fruit from Lee Family Farms, from Orange Cove, CA, more info here

    • Nuts from Winters Fruit Tree, from Winters, CA, more info here
    • Beef and chicken from Victorian Farmstead, from Sebastopol, CA, more info here
    • Smoked fish from Coastside Specialties
    • Shrimp from "From the Sea to You", from Santa Cruz, CA, more info here
    • Pork from Rancho Llano Seco, more info here
    • Fresh prepared salads, broths, sandwiches, from Green Grocer Market Fresh To-Go, more info here
    • Stone fruit from K & J Orchards, from Winters, CA, more info here

      For any feedback or questions, you can contact us at:

      Thanks again, and look forward to building this project together with you.

      -Naseem, Bret, Alex, Laura & Ashley